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Sexuality, Body Image, Dating, Relationships

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Blocks? Inhibitions? Fears?

Non Filtered Sessions will delve into your deep fears, inhibitions, and blocks. I will lead you through the journey to fulfill your dreams! -Hattie

Sexquisite Aging
Sexquisite Aging

Sex Advice

Sexquisite™ Aging is my unique solution for creating fulfilling sexual relationships at any age. I'll guide you through solutions to your fears, inhibitions and blocks that are holding you back from true happiness. Relax! No detail is taboo with me. I offer one-on-one, individual, or group sessions - in person, Skype or Zoom. Catch me on international television shows, YouTube and Instagram.

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I am one of the original creators of America's Holistic and Organic lifestyle. After 25 years as a therapist, I am highly qualified to guide you to a healthier happier - and much more exciting life.

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Sexquisite Aging